Toledo City Council

Toledo City Council
One Government Center,
Suite 2120
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Phone:  419-245-1050 
Fax:  419-245-1072


Rules of Toledo City Council


District Improvement Program

Toledo City Council has established the District Improvement Program (“DIP”) to enrich the quality of life for individuals, families and business owners throughout the City and empower community members to take steps toward long-term improvements. The purpose of the District Improvement Program is to give community members an opportunity to have direct input and influence into the improvement of their neighborhoods. The emphasis of the program is to help fund capital projects not currently planned by the City that have community-wide benefit.  

The program will be funded annually by appropriation of Toledo City Council. The amount appropriated for 2018 is $125,000 for each of Toledo’s six Council Districts. Applications will be approved for capital projects ONLY.

City Council District Improvement Program Application


 Agendas, Rules of Council and Legislation:

View Toledo City Council Google Site Here (Access to Agendas, Calendar, Legislation both pending and enacted, and the weekly Toledo City Journal).

Rules of Toledo City Council - View Here

For a searchable database of legislation click here .  

A calendar of agendas and audio files for City Council Meetings, Council Committee Meetings, Plan Commission Meetings can be found here.


President of Council - Matt

 To find out what City Council District you live in, please contact:

  • Toledo City Council at 419-245-1050 
  • The Lucas County Board of Elections at 419-213-4001

or simply enter your address in the map below or by following this link: City Council District Map.  If the search result shows the street level view of your address, zoom out, clicking the minus button in the upper left corner of the map approximately 5 times.




Clerk of Council
Gerald Dendinger                
Asst. Clerk of Council
Julie Gibbons


Toledo City Council is the legislative branch of City Government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the City of Toledo, first adopted by the voters in 1914 and amended by the voters from time to time.

Legislative authority in the City is vested in a twelve-member Council.  Six members of the Council are elected at-large and six from districts; all for four-year terms.

The Council is authorized to enact ordinances and resolutions relating to City services, tax levies, appropriating and borrowing money, licensing and regulating businesses and trades and other municipal activities.  The Council also has authority to fix the compensation of City officers and employees.  The Council elects one of its members to serve as the President of Council, its presiding officer.

City Council Meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesday at 4:00 PM in Council Chambers, One Government Center.  On the alternate Tuesdays, City Council holds an Agenda Review meeting to prepare for the upcoming City Council Meeting.  Agenda Review is held at 2:00 PM in Council Chambers, One Government Center.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Toledo City Council at 419-245-1050.