Instructions for Property Owner(s) / Insured(s)

Please Read Carefully

By law, it is your responsibility to contact the City if you intend to remove, repair, or secure the property following a fire. Failure to do so will result in the City assuming responsibility for the project and utilizing the fire escrow deposit to cover any costs incurred pursuant to TMC 1726.07. If costs are incurred in excess of available escrowed funds, the City will take all steps available under law to recover these costs.

Transferring a property title while under active orders from the City of Toledo is prohibited, and may result in a civil penalty up to $600, pursuant to TMC 1726.08(c). Please consult with a legal attorney for questions regarding the legalities of transferring escrow funds to a secondary party.

The escrow deposit may not be released until all of these steps have been followed. Please allow at least 30 days after submitting the application for a check to be issued to you.

Contact Urban Beautification

Contact the Division of Urban Beautification, Demolition Program at or by calling Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 as soon as possible, to determine the work status and discuss moving forward with completing the project on your own.

Contact Building Inspection

Contact the Division of Building Inspection at 419-245-1220 and request a fire write up, which is required prior to issuing a permit to repair the fire-damaged structure. A permit is also required to demolish a structure within the City of Toledo.

Complete Work

Complete all rehab or demolition work in accordance with applicable laws.

Contact Building Inspection

Contact Building Inspection at 419-245-1220 as soon as all the work is completed to schedule a final inspection and close the active permit(s).

Complete Application

Fill out and submit the below Application for Fire Insurance Escrow Funds Release in order to release any remaining funds to you. Please note, any costs incurred by the City will be deducted from these funds before they are released to the insured(s).

Application for Fire Insurance Escrow Funds Release

Verification Required

By signing below, the insured certifies that their answers are true and complete to the best of their knowledge. The insured understands they may be asked for permits, licenses, or other information to verify work has been completed in accordance with applicable laws. The insured understands that in accordance with TMC 1726.07, any monies due to the costs of removing, repairing, or securing the property pursuant to O.R.C. 715.261 will be released to the City of Toledo’s Demolition Trust Fund prior to the remaining amount released to the insured.

Instructions for Insurance Providers

Under O.R.C. 3929.86, insurance providers may be required to transfer a portion of a fire insurance claim to the City of Toledo’s Fire Insurance Escrow fund. This fund is used, “solely as security against the total cost of removing, repairing, or securing incurred” by the City of Toledo pursuant to O.R.C. 715.261 or 505.86.

Checks should be made out to “The City of Toledo” and mailed to:

City of Toledo, Division of Treasury
One Government Center, Suite 2000
Toledo, Ohio 43604

Questions can be directed to

Fire Escrow Fund Transparency

To see a quarterly list of outstanding accounts held in escrow, please visit our Financial Transparency portion of the website and scroll down under “Fire Escrow.”