Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz Urges More People to Consider Becoming Foster Parents

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Valentine’s Day is a good time to spread love in our community. I can think of no better way today of doing that than by considering becoming a foster parent,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “Lucas County Children Services serves the most vulnerable children in our community and the agency really needs our help. What they need most right now are new foster families. There are hundreds of children in our community who need homes.”

Robin Reese, Lucas County Children Services executive director, said the agency is in desperate need of foster parents.

The mayor and Mrs. Reese spoke this week about the need for foster families. “This is a city that always rises to the occasion,” Mrs. Reese said.

She attributed much of the increased need for foster families to the opioid epidemic. As of September, 2017, 56 percent of children in the agency’s custody were there because of opioids, Mrs. Reese said.

In July, 2013, there were 12,654 children in foster care on any given day in Ohio. Three years later, that number increased to 13,769, and by July, 2017, it spiked to 15,145, with only 7,200 foster homes available statewide.

More information on becoming a foster parent can be found at: Lucas County Foster Care and Adoption

City of Toledo, Ohio Foster Family PSA