Accelerated Anthony Wayne Trail Resurfacing, Text Alerts, Interactive Map

Friday, June 01, 2018

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz on Friday announced the start of an accelerated Anthony Wayne Trail resurfacing project beginning Monday, a renewed initiative to text road work alerts in the city, and the launch of a new interactive map on the city’s website that details all road work and the reasons.

“The Anthony Wayne Trail needs this resurfacing and I am very happy we were able to work with our partners at ODOT to speed up the reconstruction schedule instead of waiting until 2019,” MayorKapszukiewicz said during a news conference at the southeast corner of the Anthony Wayne Trail and Glendale Avenue.

“We will soon have a smooth, new surface on Trail from South to Glendale,” the mayor said. “Additionally, we are launching new ways to keep people informed about work like this because people have told us the importance of communication.”

The mayor was joined by city representatives and Deanna McHugh, owner of Lickity Split, 2021 Glendale Ave.

Ms. McHugh praised the accelerated Trail resurfacing schedule as a great benefit to businesses and residents.

The 10.26 lane miles of Anthony Wayne Trail resurfacing will cost $2,942,225.10. The Ohio Department of Transportation will pay $1,507,781.68; the Ohio Public Works Commission will pay $529,600.52, and the city of Toledo will pay $904,842.90.

The contractor performing the resurfacing is The Shelly Company.

One lane of traffic in each direction will be closed during the day. Two lanes of traffic will be closed at night when work is taking place. The hours are 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday through Saturday.

The Kapszukiewicz administration will be using the text alerts for road working beginning today. Nearly 9,700 people have been signed up for text alerts for road work but the city has never used it. This is the same WENS system alert Toledo uses to alert Toledoans about leaf collection or boil water advisories.

“Those who have signed up already and anyone else who signs up starting now will be able to receive texts alerting them about roadwork in a specific neighborhood or area,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “We will also use this to send text alerts about major projects like the Anthony Wayne Trail to everyone who signs up. The city today also launched an up-to-date, interactive map on its website that shows what work is happening and why. You will at a minimum be able to see the project name, street name, limits, responsible city division, and contractor, if applicable.”

The links to sign up for the texts and the map are:

2018 Construction Projects Map
Texts Alerts