Toledo Mayor Releases Statement on Gov. Mike DeWine’s State of the State

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

I want to thank Gov. Mike DeWine for his remarks today during the State of the State regarding Ohio’s crumbling roads and dangerous bridges, the serious addiction epidemic, and the need to address the toxic algae blooms that have threatened Lake Erie for years.

I want to strongly urge the state to include accountability, rather than just spending, in our fight to protect Lake Erie. During the last administration, we spent more than $3 billion with very little to show for it. Accountability is the essential ingredient because if we are going to spend more money without accountability, we might as well burn it in the backyard. The governor clearly understands the problem and the threat to Toledo’s drinking water.

I also want to thank the governor for choosing to invest in infrastructure. His plan to raise the Ohio gas tax by 18 cents will help fix streets and bridges that have been neglected for years because of past funding cuts. The governor called the gas tax proposal a ‘minimalist approach,’ needed to fix the most serious problems as soon as possible. A drive through any of Ohio’s major cities, including Toledo, shows the urgent need to fix our infrastructure problem.

I am also grateful Governor DeWine announced the creation of a new public health fund that will use public and private dollars on treatment and prevention programs. Local communities need help to support treatment and recovery programs for children and adults suffering from mental illness and addiction.