Four Toledoans Selected for Vacant Toledo City Council Seats

Friday, September 18, 2020

Three women and one man have been selected by Lucas County Probate Judge Jack Puffenberger to fill the four vacant Toledo City Council seats, Council President Matt Cherry announced today.

Judge Puffenberger, who was tasked with appointing the members pursuant to Ohio law, winnowed a list of candidates for council from more than 100 applicants who expressed interest in serving on the municipal legislative body.

John Hobbs III will take the District 1 seat, Vanice S. Williams will take the District 4 seat, Tiffany M. Preston Whitman will assume an at-large seat, and Cerssandra McPherson will take the other vacant at-large seat.

“I am encouraged and enthusiastic to serve alongside these four dedicated Toledoans,” Mr. Cherry said. “I want to thank everyone who stepped forward during Toledo’s time of need to apply for the four seats that became vacant after four council members were suspended. Dozens of men and women, who possess a variety of experiences and backgrounds, applied to be on council. I am confident the newly selected members of Council will assist in moving Toledo forward and help to repair the
public’s trust in our legislative body.”

Council President Cherry and Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz each spoke with the four soon-to-be sworn-in members of council to congratulate them.

“I know they each will bring myriad of different strengths and interests to city government,” Mr. Cherry said. “While these are
temporary positions, they have all expressed a great dedication to serving the people of Toledo.”

Media Contact: Jerry Dendinger, Clerk of Council 419-245-1065