Mayor Kapszukiewicz, Toledo Edison Install the Last LED Fixture to Complete Streetlight Conversion Project Started in 2020

Monday, December 27, 2021

Mayor Kapszukiewicz installed the last LED streetlight fixture with help from a Toledo Edison line crew in the 3000 block of Woodhurst Drive on December 27, 2021.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz fulfilled his promise for every streetlight to be converted to LED before 2022 in order to make neighborhoods safer, more illuminated, and less expensive for our residents over the long run through the efficiency of LED lights.

Roughly 27,000 new LED lights were installed to accompany the numerous LED lights that were already illuminating city streets.

“I promised to convert every streetlight to LED by the end of 2021, and I followed through on that promise to our residents.” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “I’d like to thank Toledo Edison for all of their hard work. These new lights are going to save energy, make our city brighter and safer, and less expensive in the long run for our residents."

What started as a pilot program to replace about 200 conventional high-pressure sodium lamps with LED’s in the city’s Old South End is now a reality across the entire City of Toledo.

“Even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, this LED streetlight project remained on schedule thanks to our dedicated field personnel, and I am proud today to be here with Mayor Kapszukiewicz to celebrate the installation of the last LED streetlight,” Jim Veglia, director of operations for Toledo Edison, said.

“I cannot understate the significance of switching from traditional streetlights to the new LED style has been for our city,” Toledo Police Chief George Kral said. “Darkness is a criminals haven, those wishing to victimize others often look for dark locations to hide their presence. These new LED lights illuminate Toledo’s roadways and sidewalks brighter than we were hoping. Our city is safer since these LED lights were installed. I applaud the mayor and his administration for making this change in such a short time period.”

Paul Rasmusson, director of public service, City of Toledo, was delighted with the success of the program despite some of the supply challenges that were presented during the project. “Working with Toledo Edison has been great.” Rasmusson, said. “The goal was to improve road and neighborhood safety and we have accomplished that on the deadline Mayor Kapszukiewicz set. Energy savings is certainly an added bonus.”