City of Toledo Announces Launch of Toledo Permit Planner

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

The City of Toledo is excited to announce the launch of Toledo Permit Planner, a new online permit discovery solution designed to help residents, homeowners, and business owners navigate Toledo's permitting, zoning, licensing, and incentive processes.

Powered by OpenCounter, a leader in public sector permitting technology, the interactive portals ease the frustration of opening a business, completing a home remodel, or starting a new development by providing users a single, user-friendly tool, accessible 24/7 from any phone, computer, or tablet.

Now live at, the new resource translates the city's municipal code and permitting/building requirements into an easy-to-understand series of questions tailored to the user's exact project. After answering the questions, they’ll receive a summary of the estimated fees, required permits, and how/where to submit each permit to the appropriate city department. Businesses can also learn about any incentives they might be eligible for.

From the entrepreneur looking to get their business off the ground to a large out-of-state developer considering relocating to Toledo, Toledo Permit Planner offers a clear roadmap of how to navigate the process—without a phone call, email, or trip to City Hall. The portal aligns requirements from various city departments, including Economic Development, Building, and Fire, creating a clear path for navigating permitting and licensing requirements in the city.

“Permit Planner will be a valuable resource for businesses which are starting up or expanding in Toledo, and homeowners undertaking home improvement projects,” Sandy Spang, Deputy Director of Economic Development, said.

“It will create a clear path to follow from concept to completion of a project which will prevent costly delays and confusion.”

“The ease with which our residents and prospective business owners will be able to access required permits, incentives, estimated fees and any other information is outstanding,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.

“This resource modernizes community development and economic growth. I’m happy to demonstrate how easy this is and launch it during Wednesdays with Wade.”

Toledo Permit Planner consists of three portals: Zoning, Business, and Residential. Each portal helps applicants to understand the full scope of their project before they begin applying. The new tool aligns with the city’s strategic plan and goals to support the small business community and offer outstanding customer service and efficient service delivery.


Watch a Demo

Permit Planner Launches

Watch Deputy Director of Economic Development Sandy Spang give a demonstration on the use of Permit Planner as someone looking to do work in the city.