New Cell at Hoffman Road Landfill  Expands Capacity and Sustainability for Toledo's Future

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Each city household generates an average of about 2,000 pounds of trash each year. Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash after you set it out at the curb? It is brought to the Hoffman Road Landfill five days a week, every week, to be properly managed.

The landfill is more complex than most people are aware. It is a designed and constructed facility that is monitored and maintained in accordance with strict Ohio EPA regulations, with engineering and environmental controls in place to ensure a safe and responsible way to manage waste.

The division collaborated with Civil & Environmental Consultants and Miller Brothers Construction to design and construct the new 6-acre cell, a $3.8 million project. A second phase of construction, scheduled for completion in 2026, will provide enough constructed landfill capacity to last into the next decade.

"Current city initiatives are centered around waste diversion, reuse, and sustainability to further extend the life of the landfill," Commissioner Ryan Murphy said.

"With the recent Ohio EPA permit approval, supplemented with a sustainability approach, the projected landfill life is estimated to be more than 70 years," Scott Lockhart said.

In photo from left to right: City of Toledo Commissioner Ryan Murphy, Nate Wilhelm, Miller Brothers Construction, Ryan Somers, Miller Brothers Construction, and Scott Lockhart, CIty of Toledo Senior Professional Engineer