Business Spotlight: The Golden Hind Wine Bar with co-owner Elizabeth Drake

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

“We are thrilled to welcome the Golden Hind Wine Bar, a key addition to the transformative $10 million Ostrich Towne development in the vibrant Vistula neighborhood. The innovative vision brought forth by the Drake sisters introduces Toledo to a unique blend of wine, pastries and entertainment that has already emerged as a must-visit destination.” – Brandon Sehlhorst, Director Economic Development

In Toledo's Vistula neighborhood, the Golden Hind Wine Bar is a unique blend of passion and creativity. Co-owned by sisters Elizabeth and Cassie Drake, the journey to create this special maritime-themed space is a tale of culinary dreams and a shared love for two worlds - wine and pastries. The Golden Hind emerged from Elizabeth's baking aspirations and Cassie's interest in wines, influenced by the challenging times of the COVID era.

What inspired the concept of the Golden Hind Wine Bar?
This project has been a long-time dream for both of us. I initially envisioned a bakery but was uncertain about the feasibility and margins. During COVID, my sister, Cassie, joined me to work at M Osteria, where her interest in wine sparked the idea of breaking out on our own. We thought, why not combine our passions?

Wine and pastry shops aren’t really a thing in the U.S., so we started looking overseas. If you look at Great Britain or Scandinavia, they are doing tea, pastries, and wine, combining these concepts. It's not crazy; it is something that can actually be done. That's when we realized it's not just a dream; it can be a reality

How did you approach creating the menu, combining wine, tea, and pastries?

Our menu concept stems from a desire to create a diverse experience. We wanted to offer a mix of sweet and savory pastries, paired with high-quality loose-leaf teas and a carefully curated wine selection. The aim is to provide an array of options for our patrons, showcasing the versatility of pastries beyond traditional desserts. As we grow, both the bar and pastry offerings will continue to evolve, drawing inspiration from various countries and culinary backgrounds.

But emphasizing local ingredients is at the core of the Golden Hind Wine Bar. From homemade jams to bagels, meat pies, and more, everything is crafted from high-quality local produce.

Being part of the local community is essential to us. We've also prioritized creating a friendly, knowledgeable staff that ensures every visitor feels at ease, whether they are seasoned wine enthusiasts or simply looking to try something new.

What inspired your commitment to start a business in the Vistula neighborhood?
I'm not originally from Toledo, but I've lived here longer than I've lived any place at this point. All my friends are here and I like the city. I've been here for a couple of decades now. Why would I go anywhere else? I've watched Toledo grow from when I came up here in ‘99. I've got the Great Lakes here so I can kayak and I love the parks.

Despite suggestions to open in Sylvania or Perrysburg, we chose downtown Toledo to be part of its expansion, providing a casual, comfortable space for the community to gather and enjoy scratch-made food.

We firmly believe in the potential of this area and have committed to a decade-long lease. The decision to stay is rooted in our belief that the Vistula neighborhood is on the rise, and we want to contribute to its growth.

What sets the Golden Hind apart in terms of customer experience and selections?
We wanted to make sure that our place has an atmosphere where you don't feel like you have to get dressed up and then, you know, Google your way through the wine list to figure out what you want.

We prioritize a welcoming environment where patrons can feel comfortable exploring our offerings. Whether you're a wine aficionado or a casual visitor, our staff is here to assist without any judgment.

We want people to come in, relax, and enjoy the vibrant space—be it for a quick lunch or an evening of wine exploration. The bar is designed to cater to all, making quality food and drinks accessible to everyone.

Golden Hind Wine Bar
915 N Summit St Suite 101, Toledo, OH 43604
Ph: (419) 464-5646

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