Minor Road Repair

The 2019 pothole repair blitz is now completed. Crews went street by street patching 125,992 potholes in approximately 4 months.

To report a pothole, please call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 or use the See Click Fix app



  1. Crack Sealing – Seal cracks in streets to prevent further deterioration of the wearing surface and reduce the number of potholes
  2. Street Repairs (Potholes) – Repair streets by patching with concrete, hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt, Durapatch or other products to improve the quality and extend the life of the wearing surface.
  3. Emergency Service Truck – 24-hour operation uses Engage Toledo to receive emergency calls to pick up dead animals, apply sand to oil spills, assist in car accidents, maintain traffic patterns, and add caution tape and barrels around hazards in the right of way as necessary for the safety of our citizens.
  4. Utility Cuts – Restore streets to their original condition after the Division of Sewer and Drainage or the Division of Water Distribution has performed an excavation in the street and made repairs to their respective utility lines.