Division of Water Distribution


Abed Semaan
Commissioner of Field Operations

Mark Riley, Administrator
401 S. Erie Street
Toledo, Ohio 43604-4611
Phone: 419-936-2826
Fax: 419-936-2828


Water Distribution field personnel are responsible for the maintenance and repair of more than 1100 miles of water mains and some 10,000 fire hydrants located in the City of Toledo.  Employees read 136,000 metered accounts and repair, replace and install water meters on a daily basis.


To report a Water Emergency please call 419-936-2020, and provide the closest street address and intersection. This number is answered 24-hours a day.  Water emergency field personnel respond to running water calls, no water calls, main breaks, open fire hydrants and water turn-off requests for property-owner plumbing repairs.

Water turn-off service for repairs is provided at no charge and is available from 7 am until 10:30 pm seven days a week at the Water Emergency number. 

Questions regarding estimated bills, when meters will be read, unusual water consumption, concern about the accuracy of metering, etc, should be directed to Customer Service at 419-245-1800.


Water Employee ExamplePhoto of worker in neon vest with a dual branded City of Toledo and Johnson Controls patch on his pocket. 









Residents are advised not to provide access to homes or businesses unless they can see and verify the City of Toledo I.D. badge of DPU representatives and that they are properly uniformed. Field personnel wear blue pants and shirt or jacket with the embroidered City of Toledo logo patch on the left chest. All DPU employees carry and will prominently display their City of Toledo identification badges. They drive deep blue City of Toledo vehicles which also display the City of Toledo logo and “Water Division” on the doors. 

The City of Toledo is also partnering with Johnson Controls to perform meter audits. These individuals can be identified by a dual branded patch on their breast pocket, displaying both the City of Toledo seal and the Johnson Controls logo.

Field personnel NEVER request payment of any kind. Residents with any questions are urged to call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 to verify that field personnel have been assigned work at their location.