Health and wellness activities for the mind and body.

Believe Center INC.

STEM Fitness Camp

Learning exercise is important for physical and mental health. Track heart rates, healthy coping mechanisms, staying active and healthy living without gym membership. The camp will focus on creative problem solutions, arts, fitness and social interaction.

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East Toledo Family Center

ETFC Healthy Nutrition/Fitness Camps

This will be a series of camps focused on a healthy lifestyle; including but not limited to healthy eating habits and an exercise program.

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Go Tyme Grynd

Go Tyme Grynd Summer Youth Fitness Program

The program will infuse the cultures and lifestyles of Toledo youth with an informed and active value of fitness and nutrition. The young people will gain experience of safe physical fitness and healthy nutrition habits through coaching and fun group activities.

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Playtime Movement

Mastering Movement Weekly Summer Camps

Our most important movements are learned, not genetic. Movement is necessary for health and confidence! PlayTime Movement’s Therapy team will assess your movement using photos, then teach you anatomy and how to move your body in a fun, safe way!

Redeemed By Fitness, INC.


All teens will learn the fundamentals and the benefits of exercising in a fun, safe environment. Teens will learn how exercise creates resilience, social development skills, decreases anxiety and depression and improves overall health.

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Soul City Gym

Create & Shape Summer Camp

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with their peers in a positive, controlled environment while learning life skills and physical fitness.