Apply for Hauling Permit

Hauling permits are required within the City of Toledo for certain oversized/overweight vehicles, vehicles hauling specific types of materials, or vehicles deviating from approved routes.

Apply for permit

A permit is required within the City of Toledo if vehicle:

Permits are not transferable and must be kept in vehicle (TMC 339.02 and ORC 4513.34).

The permitting review process may take one to five days. Permit fees range from $30 to $150 and can only be paid by credit/debit card online.

First Time Permits

If you have not pulled a hauling permit through the online system before, please contact us directly at 419-245-1220 to be registered.


If any of the following applies to your vehicle, please contact us directly for a permit exception. These may take longer than 5 days to permit.

If your vehicleContact
  • deviates from approved truck routes (must fill out route sheet)
  • exceeds 13 feet 6 inches in height
  • exceeds 8 feet 6 inches in width
  • exceeds 75 feet in length

Shawn Comes

  • exceeds 154,000 pounds gross vehicle weight
  • exceeds 20,000 pounds per axle

Kristin Cousino

Theresa Talton

These vehicles require a police escort.

Load Limits Map

Load Limit Map Updated February 2022
Click to download map.

Bridge Restrictions

Supplemental restrictions apply for loads over 120,000 pounds crossing bridges. A police escort is required.

  1. Permitted vehicle to be the only vehicle on any bridge when crossing.
  2. Permitted vehicle must cross bridges at a speed of 5mph or less.
  3. Permitted vehicle must drive in the very center of the roadway when crossing bridges.
  4. City of Toledo permit valid only within the City of Toledo corporate limits. Permitted vehicle owner/operator is responsible for other jurisdictions' permitting, including ODOT, as necessary.

Limitations on Use

Revised 06/27/08

  1. The granting of a permit does not guarantee that the load described can be moved without damage to the pavement or structures although the permit is granted on the assumptions that the load can be moved without damage based on the best information available.
  2. Permittee will be held liable for any damage caused by the movement. The City assumes no responsibility for damage to the permittee’s equipment or load being moved due to any such failure. The permittee agree to compensate the City of Toledo for any damage to a roadway or road structure and also indemnify , save harmless, and defend the City of Toledo and the Director of Public Services from and against all and any liabilities, losses, obligations, claims, damages, penalties, suits, actions, judgements, costs and expenses of whatever nature are incurred or brought against the City of Toledo or the Director of Public Service as the result of injury to or death of persons or damages to or loss of property caused by acts or omission to act by the permittee, its agents, servants and employees in the performance of movements under the permit, except to the extent that the negligence of the City of Toledo or the director of Public Service is a proximate cause of the accident.
  3. The permit shall be in the possession of the driver at all times during the progress of transportation and will be shown on demand to any police officer, state highway patrolman, or load limit inspector employed by the City of Toledo or the Ohio Department of Transportation.
  4. The permission granted restricts the movement of the vehicle(s) or object(s) to the highways specified, between the points designated, and within the time allotted.
  5. Overweight vehicle/loads that are not over dimensional, traveling under the authority of a Special Hauling Permit, will not be restricted as to travel hours or days so long as the overweight vehicle/load can move without obstructing the normal flow of the traffic, the period beginning at 12 noon on the day preceding and continuing until sunrise on the day following national or holiday weekends.
  6. With the exception of permitted legal dimensioned overweight vehicle/loads noted in 5 above, vehicle/loads traveling under the authority of special hauling permits shall be prohibited from movement on the following holidays/holiday weekends: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Holiday prohibitions begin at noon the day preceding and continue until one-half hour before sunrise the day following the holiday or holiday weekend.
  7. No vehicle(s) or object(s) being transported under a special hauling permit shall be left parked on the roadway either day or night except in case of an emergency, in which case adequate protection shall be provided for the traveling public. The vehicle(s) shall not be unloaded within the limits of the public right-of-way.
  8. The operator of the vehicle must comply with all laws, rules, or regulations covering movement of traffic over highways and streets.
  9. No vehicle(s) or object(s) being transported under a special hauling permit shall travel in convoy with any other oversize/overweight vehicle or vehicle and load. Every vehicle operating under a permit shall maintain a minimum spacing of 500’ from all vehicles traveling in front and in same lane as said vehicle whenever possible.
  10. Every vehicle operating under a permit shall, when traveling on freeways, expressways, or multi-lane undivided highways, remain in the extreme right-hand lane of said highway, except to maintain continuous through movement, to make left turns or exits or to pass other vehicles. Overwidth vehicles shall not other vehicles traveling in the same directions.
  11. All flags, signs, escort vehicles, safety lighting devices, flag persons, etc., as required in the below listed Special Provisions must meet the specifications as provided in Section 5501:2-1-01 through 5501:2-1-12, Ohio Administrative Code, and Transportation Directive DH-O-401 dated April 1, 1985.
  12. Permits will not generally be issued for built-up loads that are divisible into legal loads, or into loads of the least over dimension or the least over weight. If, in the event of an extenuating circumstance, a permit is issued for a divisible load, such load will be adequately described.
  13. A permit is void at any time road, weather or traffic conditions make travel unsafe.
  14. Reductions in legal weight posted on roadways or bridges must be obeyed.
  15. Non-compliance with the general or special provisions of a permit, exceeding the weights or dimensions granted, or operating on dates or upon highways other than assigned shall render the permit null and void and the operator of the vehicle subject to arrest, as provided in Sections 5577.05 inclusive of the Revised Code of Ohio and Chapter 339 of the Toledo Municipal Code.
  16. Police escort required to assist traffic control for vehicles 16’ or wider or 154,000 lbs in weight.
  17. All movements shall be made at such speeds and in such manner as to cause a minimum of interference with other traffic and minimum impact stresses on structures and pavements. No movement is to exceed forty (40) miles per hour at any time except upon portion of a highway where the posted minimum speed is in excess of thirty-five (35) miles per hour. In this event the maximum allowable speed is then five (5) miles per hour greater than the posted minimum speed for the highway.