An outdoor dining permit is required in order to offer any outdoor dining or service in the public right-of-way, and/or to expand dining or service into a previously approved parking/circulation area.

Applicants are highly encouraged to meet with their neighborhood’s Architectural Review Commission (ARC) such as the Toledo Warehouse District ARC or the Uptown District ARC, or other neighborhood groups prior to submitting an Application for a Outdoor Dining Permit.

An Outdoor Dining Permit is valid from April 1st through November 1st and must be renewed annually. For guaranteed action by April 1st, applications must be submitted 45 days prior.


Submit Application

Applicant's should complete the form below, allowing at least 45 days for complete review and processing. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all documents have been received.

Application Review

The outdoor dining permit must be approved by other departments within the City, including but not limited to the Toledo Police Department, Fire Prevention, Transportation, Engineering Services, and Plan Commissions.

Application Results

The applicant will recevie follow up instructions based on the following potential outcomes:

  • Approval
    The applicant will pay the permit fee and receive the permit.
  • Propose modifications or conditions
    The applicant will accept the amended plan before paying the permit fee and receiving the permit.
  • Forward application to Toledo City Plan Commissions
    Where additional review is necessary.
  • Disapproval
    The applicant will not be permitted for outdoor dining.

Return to Original Condition

Upon completion of use of the outdoor dining area, the right-of-way must be restored to its original condition.

Apply for Permit

Business Application

Address of the proposed outdoor dining location.
Please describe how the proposal will ensure the safety and flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, including accommodations for people with disabilities.
Max file size: 2MB.
Max 5 images.

Applicant Information

Property Owner Information

Electronic Signature