We are partnering with Cities United to take a holistic public health approach to reducing gun violence. Our vision for the city of Toledo is a safe, thriving, and sustainable community where all residents live happy, healthy lives in a supportive ecosystem. Through collaboration and partnership with families, schools, police, businesses, healthcare providers, and community members, we will strive for a future with a strong economy, improved infrastructure, and neighborhoods where all Toledoans can feel safe.

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To the editor:

City improves neighborhood ‘ecosystem’ to cut violence

Successful cities have ecosystems that protect citizens and promote safety. Toledo has this ecosystem, too. It is made up of families, schools, police, churches, employers, health-care providers, social service agencies, violence interrupters, and countless other community members, all of whom want the same thing: for everyone in this city to live happy, healthy lives.

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Reimagining Public Safety


Cities United defines reimagining public safety as the intentional investment in community-led and/or supported solutions that interrupt the cycle of violence by treating it as a public health crisis.


Reimagining public safety is also the bold investment in dismantling systems of inequity by addressing the internal and external factors that uphold conditions that lead to community and state violence.


Lastly, reimagining public safety is investing in the sustainability of administrative and operational activities that build authentic partnerships, raise awareness, manage comprehensive public safety plans, evaluate strategies, and more.

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