City of Toledo Launches Pre-Development Meeting Program for Development Projects

Thursday, May 05, 2022

The City of Toledo’s Department of Economic Development is excited to launch the Pre-Development Meetings Program for residents, developers, or business owners who are interested in proactively meeting with City staff to discuss their development project.

The goal of the Pre-Development Meeting Program is to reduce time, risk, and money associated with your project by proactively connecting with your project team to provide clarity about what is required for your project to be successful.

While a Pre-Development Meeting does not replace the plan review process, it is an opportunity to ask questions about how state and municipal codes will apply to your project, establish a realistic timeline for approvals, as well as learn more about the permitting and inspection process.

The Department of Economic Development will coordinate a meeting with the necessary representatives from City departments such as Building Inspection, Fire Prevention, Plan Commission, Public Utilities and Transportation to evaluate the project and aid the developer in project planning.

“We’re introducing the Pre-Development Meeting Program on the heels of the launch of Permit Planner,” Brandon Sehlhorst, Director of Economic Development, said.

“These two initiatives are part of our strategy to proactively engage with you in order to streamline the process for your development project,” Sehlhorst said.

Pre-Development Meetings are available for projects at any stage in the development process including the concept stage. Meetings are held on an as needed basis and can be scheduled on the department’s website: