Toledo Police Finish Fourth Toledo Enhancement Area Method Operation

Monday, July 11, 2022

On June 13, 2022, the Toledo Police Department along with other local, state, and federal agencies began Operation S.T.A.R. (South Toledo Area Response). The initiative is the fourth operation in the Toledo Enhancement Area Method (T.E.A.M.). The purpose of T.E.A.M. is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Toledo.

Operation S.T.A.R. has been successful in addressing crime and blight, and continues as the department will partner with other Toledo public service departments and the community to improve the quality of life in South Toledo.

Operation S.T.A.R. by the Numbers

  • Guns Seized: 25
  • Curfew Sweeps Conducted: 1 (12 Violators)
  • Search Warrants Executed: 6
  • Gun Safety Programs: 1
  • Dollar Amount of Drugs Seized: $63,200
  • Gun Safety Billboards: 4
  • Persons Arrested: 156
  • Gun locks distributed: 3
  • Citations Issued: 446
  • Community Meetings: 1
  • DUI Arrests: 5
  • Junk/Abandoned Cars Towed: 86
  • Parking Tags Issued: 234
  • Blighted Properties / City Referrals: 58