Update on Kenwood Construction

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Resurfacing will be wrapping up next week. Resurfacing was announced with the entire 2023 roads program back in January.

Leaf pickup on Kenwood between Secor and Drummond will be this Friday, Nov. 10. Please refrain from putting leaves out to the curb after November 10 until resurfacing has been completed.

Bumpouts will be completed this week. These will be added at 4 intersections along Kenwood to extend the curb and sidewalk into the roadway, narrowing the road at the intersection. This obstacle slows down vehicles and makes pedestrians more visible with a shorter crossing distance. Bumpouts were added to the project scope after a Wednesdays with Wade meeting in August where residents expressed concerns about speeding down Kenwood.

The speed limit has been lowered to 25 mph by Councilman Sam Melden. This will be reinforced by flashing “your speed” signs placed along Kenwood next week.

Finally, the crosswalks will be striped for increased visibility this coming spring. Because of the cold weather, we won’t be able to complete this step until next year.

What began as a project to improve the condition of the pavement along Kenwood has evolved into a project to improve pedestrian safety. We look forward to continuing our Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities in Toledo.