Toledo City Council Receives 37 Applications for 2 Vacant Seats

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Following the Sunday, February 18th 11:59 p.m. deadline, Toledo City Council has received thirty-seven applications for the two vacancies created by Tiffany Whitman and Katie Moline after announcing their resignations to serve as the City of Toledo’s Director of DEI and Lucas County Auditor, respectively.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time and applied for our vacancies,” said Council President Carrie Hartman. “I am genuinely impressed with the caliber of applicants and look forward to reviewing applications ahead of the council meeting on February 28th.”

During the February 28, 2024 council meeting, Members of Council will nominate candidates for the vacancies and vote to appoint two new members. If a majority of Members of Council vote to appoint a nominee, they will then be eligible to be sworn in under oath and take office pursuant to the Toledo City Charter.

The full list of applicants is as follows:

  1. Gary Youssef Jr
  2. Radi Hassan Cheaib
  3. Robert Lee Miller
  4. John Gerard Pietrowski
  5. Khadijah Lynnette Cunningham
  6. Teri L. Scott
  7. Vivian Ann Crawford
  8. James Callaghan
  9. Kimberly LaVerne Munn
  10. Erin Marie Kramer
  11. David Edward Gedert
  12. Charles E. Stawowy
  13. Laure L. Hammond
  14. Raina Chenille Dawson
  15. Timothy Walter Glaza
  16. Macgregor W. Driscoll
  17. Peter Kosterman
  18. DeVon Jean Overton II
  19. Tracey Britt
  20. Alfonso R. Narvaez
  21. Thomas Francis Names
  22. Kyle Rush
  23. Clarissa Danae Marsche-Davis
  24. Dr. Linda Rouillard
  25. Evan James Copeland
  26. Maha Zeidan
  27. Craig Alexander Vanholden
  28. Maynard Charles Porter
  29. Jad Salamey
  30. Brittany Darshae Jones
  31. Shaun L. Strong
  32. Persephone Stevonnie Shock
  33. Erin Baker
  34. Robert James Worthington
  35. Angelo Hernandez Martinez
  36. Samuel Harden
  37. Blair M. Johnson