Public Notice of Assessment

Monday, April 22, 2024

This notice is to all property owners, operators, agents or person in possession of or control of any charge of land within the City of Toledo, Ohio of their responsibility to maintain their property free of noxious weeds, high grass, surface water, refuse, litter or nuisance conditions in accordance with Chapter 955 of the City of Toledo Municipal Code and that they shall keep grass cut to a height not in excess of eight inches (8”). They shall also keep the same free and clear from all noxious weeds and rank vegetation on such lots owned or controlled by said owners, operators, agents or persons in possession or control of said property to prevent such rank growth and/or the maturing or spreading of seeds or pollen there from. The same applies to any charge of land abutting upon a public right of way and on the unpaved portion of the right of way.

If full compliance is not made with this notice and the provision of Chapter 955 of the City of Toledo Municipal Code within three (3) days after the date of this notice, then such grass, weeds, and other vegetation will be cut by or on behalf of the City of Toledo and the cost and expenses thereof, including any fines for violations will be assessed against the respective lots or lands. Violators will be prosecuted pursuant to the applicable provision of Chapter 955 of the Municipal Code.

By order of the Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio, and as approved by Toledo City Council by Ordinance #289-12.