If you have experienced issues with water in the basement caused by sewer backups, this grant program can help offset the cost of remediation.

What is eligible?

Work eligible for funding must be intended to prevent backup of sanitary sewage into basements. Basement sewer connections are the point of entry for the flooding and the connections should be isolated, protected, and elevated using devices or methods such as standpipes, check valves, sewer or plumbing modifications, and sump pumps. Owners may perform the work themselves when permitted or hire a contractor licensed to do the work. The City accepts no liability for damages resulting from work funded under this program.

Work not covered

Insurance deductibles, replacement of damaged property, cleanup costs, and work to prevent strictly groundwater or storm water flooding such as wall waterproofing, footer drain cleaning or replacement, sewer lateral repairs or cleaning, landscaping changes to prevent surface water from standing against the foundation.

Who is eligible?

Owners of property in the City of Toledo that experiences sewer backups from overloaded main sewers are eligible. There is not an age or income requirement for the grant, but those factors can affect the amount of the grant.

How much can be granted?

The first $1,000 of eligible work is covered by the City. Second $1,000 of eligible work is matched 50/50 up to a total of $1,500 maximum grant amount. The grant is not repaid in any way.

The grant maximum is $2000 for Homestead Exempt or recipients of the Home Energy Assistance Program.

Reimbursement requests may be submitted in the form of paid invoices and are prioritized similarly to applications.

Grant Program Process

Submit an Application

The application must be submitted with a minimum of two written quotes.

City Verification

The City of Toledo must verify a public sanitary backup. Then, the problem and proposed solutions are reviewed, and the application is prioritized amongst others.


Once approved, the applicant will be notified, and instructions on how to proceed will be provided, along with a request for payment form.

Work is Done

The property owner completes the work, along with any required inspections. The contractor's invoice must be signed to acknowledge acceptance of work.