Establishing Residential Utility Services

If you are purchasing a property within our service area, it is important to know that the Department of Public Utilities contracts for service with the deed-holder of record through the Lucas County Auditor’s office. In an effort to make the transition a smooth process we have designed this guide with the new property owner in mind.

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Start Water Service

After Closing

Contact customer service to apply for service. Even if the property is vacant and water service is not immediately needed, you are required by law to create an account in the deed holder's name for storm water charges at the property.

The application process takes 5 minutes. Our customer service team will verify proof of ownership through the Lucas County Auditor's office, and update your contact information on the account.

Contracting for Services

A customer service representative (CSR) will create an account in the accountholder’s name and place a turn-on order for service if desired.

If the accountholder requests service to be turned on, the CSR will schedule the turn-on for a date that is the earliest opportunity for the department and accountholder, at least 24 business hours later. An adult will need to be present for the turn-on order, or alternate access provided.

Once the account is established and request for service scheduled, the CSR will mail a contract for service application to the account-holder. The Department of Public Utilities requires that the account-holder review, sign and mail back the contract, along with a copy of photo identification within fourteen business days of receipt.

Your Service Appointment

On the day of your appointment, he technician will need inside access to the meter to turn-on the service and read the meter. The technician will be identifiable by their uniform, and will be carrying City of Toledo identification.

There is a possibility that an exchange of the meter and installation of a radio transmitter will also occur at that same time. This will ensure that actual meter readings will occur. The technician will record the meter reading on a work order and ask the adult present to sign the work order acknowledging the meter reading.

The technician is the field service expert and can answer any questions about the meter during the visit. Any questions about the billing should be directed to customer service.

After Your Appointment

The technician will bring the work order into the office and a billing representative will enter the actual meter reading from the appointment into the billing software. This meter read will be established as the “turn-on read.”

Your meter will be read on a quarterly basis (every three months) and an invoice will be mailed to the mailing address provided when the account was established.

It is important to always read the invoice and understand the following information: service time periods, prior and current meter reads, consumption, including possible irregularities (high or zero consumption), whether the reading is an actual (A) or estimated read (E).