We are committed to fostering equitable access to opportunities and resources for all who seek employment with the City of Toledo.

The Division of Gender Equity is responsible for collecting and analyzing Equal Employment Opportunity workforce data, reviewing and providing recommendations on city policies, procedures, supportive resources, and service provision to ensure equitable access for all individuals interested in employment with the City of Toledo. The division focuses on addressing gender disparities while adopting an intersectional approach to prioritize the needs of individuals most impacted by discrimination and bias.

Division Responsibilities

  1. Toledo CEDAW Gender Equity Commission
  2. Focus on Equal Employment Opportunity data, reporting, and planning
  3. Inclusive program development to expand access and opportunities for women, girls, and other minoritized genders
  4. Professional training and development

March 2022

Toledo is for CEDAW!

The City of Toledo passed an ordinance designating the City of Toledo as a CEDAW City. The Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Our Mission is to address discrimination against women, girls, and other minoritized genders.