Ambassador Academy 2024

Up to 18 participants will be selected from a pool of applicants to complete the 8-week program and graduate as ambassadors. Applications open August 21st.


The Engage Toledo Ambassador Academy seeks to encourage collective ownership in our community through increased dialogue and meaningful participation. ETAA fosters partnerships between residents and city leaders. By educating, empowering, and engaging the community, the City of Toledo will be better equipped to serve its residents.

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About the Program

Classes are held weekly on Thursdays from 6 – 8 pm at various locations around the city. Each week will highlight a specific topic within city service and programs, including spending an evening with the mayor and city council, police and fire, learning about resident-facing programs that impact neighborhoods, and learning how to do business with the city, roads, and utilities customer assistance programs.


Congratulations Class of 2023!

16 residents graduated from the Spring 2023 Ambassador Academy on May 25!

Class Highlights

Junior Ambassador Academy

The Junior Ambassador Academy, integrated into the High School Internship Program, offers students a chance to explore careers in public service. They will interact with Toledo's Mayor, Police Chief, and Fire Chief, learning about the responsibilities of a municipality from city leaders. By working with city employees across various departments, students gain valuable knowledge and network in their chosen fields while assisting the City of Toledo in its initiatives.

The High School Internship Program provides full-time summer opportunities for students to gain career insights and network. Through the Junior Ambassador Academy, students graduate as Junior Ambassadors, recognized in a formal ceremony. This program meets educational needs, fosters career exploration, and supports the city's initiatives, all while empowering the next generation of public service leaders.

Class of 2023 Highlights

Summer 2023

Congratulations Junior Ambassador Graduates!

A full-time opportunity and gives students the ability to network and gain knowledge in a career field that they might be interested in pursuing after finishing high school.

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