We respond to reports of tall grass on private property, in City parks, and on public rights-of-way. To report a concern, please call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 or submit online.

Is the grass already on the City's mowing schedule?

If the property you're reporting is already on a mowing schedule, you can still report it below if you believe there's an issue with the work that was done.

Check the map of mowed properties

Is the grass on private property?

This includes occupied and vacant residences.

Report a yard/structure concern now

Is the grass at a City park or in a public right-of-way?

Public rights-of-way include long stretches of grass along the road, such as boulevards, medians, and traffic islands.

Report a park maintenance concern now

About the Process

Create request

To get started, report the concern to Engage Toledo. To make a full report, we'll need:

  1. The address of the property in question
  2. Public or private property?
  3. Is the property occupied?
  4. Nature of the concern
  5. Additional information (optional)
  6. Photo of the problem (optional)

Request acknowledged

Once the request is acknowledged, the property will be scheduled for investigation. It may take a few weeks before the investigation is completed. If you provided an email address when reporting the concern, you will receive an email at this step letting you know the request was acknowledged.

Request investigated

After the investigation is completed, the inspector will either:

  1. determine there is no issue. This request is now complete.
  2. create a work order to address the problem discovered.

If you provided an email address when reporting the concern, you will receive a final email at this step letting you know the outcome of the investigation.

Work order created

If more work is required, it may take many months for the City to complete the request, depending on the severity of the issue, whether or not the property is occupied, and the cooperation of the property owner.

Service requests are closed before the work is completed.

Once the work order is created, the service request will appear closed in the Engage Toledo portal. This does not mean that the problem has been resolved. If you would like updates on progress, please call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020. Creating a second request for the same issue will not make the process go faster, and the duplicate request will be closed if it is already in our system.