Engage Toledo

Request a City service, or report a concern including

  • Recreation Maintenance Request
  • Alley Maintenance Request
  • Tree Damage Concern
  • Water Backup, Leak, or Flooding
  • And Many More

Engage Toledo is a phone application that can be used on all Smartphones and iPhones - the free download takes seconds to install and can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple Store. 

Engage Toledo works best when you are at the location of the issue you want to report. The app automatically locates where you are, lets you take a photo of the problem and makes it faster and easier to direct City resources to where the problem is. By answering just a few questions, your complaint is submitted and you will receive an email or a message response letting you know we received your report. As your issue goes through the resolution process, you'll receive updates and a message when the investigation of your issues is completed.

If you can't report your issue from the location, you can input the address where the problem is and report it later through your cell phone. If you've taken a photo, you can easily upload it and add it to your report.

The photo aspect of Engage Toledo helps us in many ways. Take potholes for instance, many times we can tell from the picture if it is a pothole or a sinkhole. While driving over either one is less than ideal, one City division handles potholes, another sinkholes -- which means if we can identify it through a photo as opposed to sending out a City worker to survey the complaint, it gets fixed faster.

If you don't have a cell phone that will run the Engage Toledo app, you can report complaints from your personal computer below: