Last updated: 05/26/2023

Top Zip Code

Trash Collected

Clean Ups


TeamZip Code
West Toledo Litter Crew43615
West Toledo Litter League43615
OWE Cushing Utopia Addition43620
Library Litter League43613
Raymer Neighborhood Trashinators43605
Valiant Vistulans43604
Old West Enders43620
Rockin Robin43611 and 43609
The Garbage Dawgs43615
T-Town Rubble Rousers43613
Kiss my Trash43611
OMVP- Outdoor Maintenance Volunteer Programcity-wide
TARTA Trash Troop43610
Toledo Fire Chiefs43611
Heidelberg Kings43615
Bulldog Warriors43613
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.43607
Garbage Dawgs43615
Oregon on the Bay43616
Old Orchard43606
Trash Bashers43566 and 43571
The Land Cooperative South Toledo43609
King Acres43560
The Deye Trash Brigade43537
Eli boxing team43604
East Side Junk Sharks43605
Litteral Trash43614
NYAP Northwest43604
Bissell-Stickney Nature Preserve43608
Pitching In43611
TMWC Litter League43604
Pickup Artists43604
TAC Toledo43609