Department of Public Utilities Rewards Customers Who Go Green

Thursday, May 02, 2019

The Toledo Department of Public Utilities now offers customers the option to “go green” by choosing paperless billing instead of printed statements through the mail. Paperless customers will now receive a $1 credit for each utility statement that is not printed and mailed.

Paperless billing customers are notified by email that utility bills are ready to view. The amount due and due date are prominently displayed on the email. The Department of Public Utilities has offered online billing since May 2015, which has been an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to improve customer service.

“Each week, more people sign up for online billing and paperless billing,” said Public Utilities Director Ed Moore. “To date, there are 23,911 online billing customers, of which, 3,562 have also signed up for paperless-billing. We are really excited to offer this $1 incentive and we hope customers will take advantage of this as soon as possible.”

Additional information on how to sign up for paperless billing through the online billing process is available at or through the Public Utilities customer service button at