Toledo Fire Investigator Receives Prestigious Award

Monday, September 23, 2019

Toledo, Ohio (September 23, 2019): On behalf of Fire Chief Brian Byrd and Police Chief George Kral we would like to congratulate Toledo Fire Investigator Angie DeWitt who received the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) Public Service Award which was recently presented to her at the IASIU 35th annual seminar in Phoenix Arizona.

Each year, the IASIU selects one individual from the Public Service Sector to receive the highly prestigious IASIU Award. The award is given on an annual basis to an individual who has displayed outstanding investigative services to their individual organizations, as well as to the insurance industry as a whole. IASIU’s Public Service Award nominations are countrywide and may be National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and representatives from public agencies and/or organizations. One or more significant events of the investigation must have occurred during the year of the award. Significant events are defined as the majority of investigative activities, indictments/criminal charges filed or civil actions. The nominee must be a member in good standing of their department, agency or organization during the investigation time period. Award year runs from previous July to July of current year.

Considerations for award include: Impact made to the nominee’s department, agency, or organization. Positive effect the investigation had on the insurance industry. Positive effect the investigation had on the outside community. Uniqueness and exceptional qualities of the investigation

The initial nomination for Fire Investigator DeWitt came from the insurance industry with an endorsement from NICB agent, Ingrid Squires, for the investigations Angie conducted on many arson claims involving insurance fraud. Angie joins the list of honored past recipients that include individuals from the FBI, State’s Attorney’s Office, Law Enforcement, Fraud Bureaus & NICB. This is the first time that a member of the fire community was recognized by the organization for their service.

“I’ve been involved in IASIU for 27 years and worked with many law enforcement agencies in the fight against insurance fraud, Angie stands out as being the best of the best,” said Sherry Krabbenhoft, Complex Claims Team Manager, Special Investigations Unit, Liberty Mutual Global Retail Markets.”

“I’m very proud of Investigator DeWitt and that she has been recognized for the work she has done and continues to do regarding insurance fraud and bringing arsonists to justice”, said Fire Chief Brian Byrd. “All of our fire investigators do a great job and are impacting arson related crimes as evident of the number of arrests and convictions that have taken place over the last several years”.

“Since the Toledo Police Department merged with the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department the quality of arson investigations has increased exponentially with arrests and convictions are at an all-time high”, said Police Chief George Kral. “As a result, the citizens of this city are safer. I couldn’t be prouder of Investigator DeWitt, she is a highly motivated and talented investigator who most certainly deserves this recognition.”

Investigator DeWitt is a 27 year veteran of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department and has been assigned to the combined Toledo Fire/Toledo Police Fire Investigative Unit since 2015. Investigator DeWitt has investigated over 200 fires and has been responsible for over 50 arrests/convictions of arson related and insurance fraud crimes.

IASIU Award – Investigator Angie DeWitt, Public Service Video: