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Please click here for more information on proper recycling guidelines. The link also includes a brief, helpful video. 

Call Republic Services at 419-936-2511 with any recycling questions.

Contact Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful for information on where to recycle items that are non-approved for curbside recycling.



Progressive cities are environmentally conscientious. Curbside recycling is available for Toledo citizens so that select materials can be made into new products rather than placed into a landfill. 

However, Toledo needs to improve the quality of its collected recyclables so that they can truly be repurposed, rather than winding up in the garbage.  Our recycling effort can use some major improvement to reduce costs and increase environmental benefits.

Toledo is working to promote greater adherence to the curbside recycling “guidelines” and also to inform residents where they may recycle other materials that cannot be placed in the curbside carts.

The recycling carts are not for refuse overflow.  Recycling properly takes a bit of “know how.”

The City of Toledo is asking all participants to learn more about proper use of our curbside program to drive the greatest environmental impact and cost savings. For example, carefully rinsed plastic bottles/cans and clean newspapers that have been put into plastic bags before placing into the recycling cart will cause those materials to be pulled off the recycling contractor’s conveyor belt, as the operators cannot identify what is in the bag.

One household that uses its recycle cart for yard waste or other non-approved material can cause the whole 6 to 10 ton load to be rejected by the recycling contractor and wind up in the landfill instead.



We want to help citizens be better informed about what items are to be recycled in the program— And where to recycle materials that are not accepted in curbside recycling.  It’s good to know what belongs in recycling carts and what doesn’t.



Remember the City’s contract with Republic Services provides for monthly bulk pickups, so non-approved items can be taken care of at no additional charge to residents who call ahead.  In addition, the City hosts Free Dump Days and Tire & Paint Recycling events throughout the year to manage these special refuse disposal needs.

Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful directs citizens to additional recycling resources. (Example, electronics, yard waste drop offs, motor oil, etc.)

We will be monitoring some of the Republic Services pick up routes in an attempt to reduce contamination and to provide notice to repeat offenders.


Thank you for being a careful recycler.