Whether you need to rebalance your chemicals, lower your TDS (total dissolved solids), or just clean up an in ground pool that has not been maintained, draining all the water from your swimming pool can help fix your problems and clean it fast. Make sure when you drain your pool, you follow best practices to avoid polluting runoff water.

How to Drain Your Pool

Don't drain into water systems.

Never discharge pool or spa water directly into a street, storm drain, or ditch.

Let the chlorine dissipate.

Before emptying a pool or spa, let chlorine dissipate for a few days. Recycle the water by draining it gradually onto a landscaped/grassy area so the water can be absorbed into the ground.

Algaecides are harmful.

Do not use copper-based algaecides unless absolutely necessary. Control algae with chlorine or other alternatives.

Get more help.

If you're unsure about draining your pool, or you'd like assistance, you may want to consider contacting a professionally-licensed pool service company or plumber. If you have any further questions or concerns with regard to the draining of a private pool, please contact our Division of Environmental Services at 419-936-3015.