The City of Toledo's Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program is designed to improve the safety and appearance of neighborhoods by identifying and repairing specific blocks of sidewalk.

Did You Receive a Letter?

Property owners whose sidewalks are selected for the program will receive two letters of notification of the required repairs. These repairs can be carried out by the property owner, a licensed contractor, or the city.

What to do next

Nothing. Your sidewalks will be replaced by a city contractor by default.

How the process works

An inspector will mark out those panels needing to be repaired a few days prior to the construction. The work will be done along a scheduled route beginning in April 2023 and generally ending in October 2023, depending on weather conditions. All disturbed lawn areas will be filled with topsoil and seed after the concrete is placed and cured. We that you water these areas twice per day for two weeks, and remove any weeds.

How the work will be billed

Property owners will be invoiced in the first half of 2024 and have 30 days to pay the invoice in full. If the invoice is not paid, the amount plus interest charges will be added to the property owner's real estate taxes and paid over a ten-year period, beginning with the first half of the tax bill in January 2025.

Financial Assistance

Eligible single-family owner-occupied properties may apply for a Sidewalk Rescue Grant.

What to do next

Notify the sidewalk office of your choice by calling 419-936-2697. Obtain a sidewalk permit and schedule a city inspection prior to beginning work. This must be completed before April 15, 2023.

How the process works

Work must be completed by the property owner or licensed sidewalk contractor by June 1, 2023. City inspection must be arranged prior to starting any work. All work must conform to the 2023 Construction Standards, including:

  • 1. the type of concrete required for the work is Class “QC Misc.”
  • 2. the thickness for mainline sidewalk is four inches (4”)
  • 3. the thickness for residential driveway approaches and sidewalk through driveways is six inches (6”)

Be advised that when performing any sidewalk or drive work in the right-of-way, under no circumstances should tree roots over 2” in diameter be severed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of deficiencies require my sidewalk to be replaced?

Sidewalk panels are marked for replacement when they are cracked, spalled, broken, raised, off-grade, sunken, and/or missing.

Who is responsible for paying for the repairs?

Property owners are responsible for paying for the repairs to the sidewalks and driveway approaches abutting their property, as required by municipal code. Also, as the property owner you are liable for injuries which may result from any sidewalk deficiencies.

How much does the City of Toledo charge to replace my sidewalks?

The cost to replace sidewalks through the City of Toledo's Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program is estimated at:

  • $7.90 per square foot for four-inch thick sidewalks (about $158 for a 4 foot by 5 foot panel)
  • $8.75 per square foot for six-inch thick sidewalks or drive approaches (about $175 for a 4 foot by 5 foot panel)

Please note that these estimates are subject to change based on contract costs and other assessments may apply depending on what is necessary to repair the sidewalk correctly, such as drive approaches, curbs, and similar issues.

How do I read my inspection form?

  1. Face the front of your property from the street.
  2. The squares to the right of P/L (Property Line) or R/W (Right-of-Way) refer to each panel of sidewalk.
  3. The sidewalk panels marked in gray were determined to be deficient and must be replaced.
  4. The number above the deficient panel indicates panel thickness.

Can I request additional repairs beyond those identified in the notice I received?

Yes, property owners can request additional repairs to be made in the right-of-way along their property by calling 419-936-2697. You will need to sign an authorization form accepting responsibility of payment for the additional work.

Are there any financial assistance programs available for property owners who are unable to pay for the repairs?

Eligible single-family owner-occupied properties may apply for a Sidewalk Rescue Grant.

Can I appeal the decision to require repairs to my sidewalk?

Property owners could appeal the decision to require repairs by appearing at a meeting of the Board of Revisions of Assessments. The meeting was held on February 17, 2023 at 10 a.m. in City Council Chambers at One Government Center, 640 Jackson St.

Why must I repair my sidewalk by June 1, 2023?

The city contractor has several locations to make sidewalk repairs throughout the city and it will be necessary for them to work during the spring, summer, and early fall to complete the entire 2023 Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program. The contractor will follow a routing schedule and make one rotation through the city. If you had intended to repair the sidewalk yourself and failed to do so when the contractor is in your area, the city will make the necessary repairs and you will be invoiced for the work performed.

How will this impact my property?

All disturbed lawn areas will be filled with topsoil and seed after the concrete is placed and cured. It is recommended to water these areas twice per day for two weeks and remove any weeds.

In some cases, it may be necessary to change the grade of the sidewalk panels to comply with ADA regulations or other requirements, which may impact items on your property. The City of Toledo will make every effort to minimize these changes, but the exact elevation and/or limits of repair cannot be determined until construction begins. If necessary, the city may provide a small transition section on your private service walk or drive if it abuts a changed walk panel in the right-of-way.

Where is work being done?

The 2023 Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program will repair sidewalks at roughly 1300 properties across the city.