This July, take action by participating in a community heat-mapping study! Be a street scientist and help discover which areas of your city are hotter and cooler during extreme heat.

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How It Works

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Participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid license and car insurance.

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Complete Training

You'll be sent training materials and a test to complete prior to campaign day. You'll also need to sign a waiver.

Wait for Instructions

Campaign day will be announced when we can identify a day with high temperatures. You'll receive an email with more instructions and your route.

Campaign Day!

You and your partner will collect thousands of temperature and humidity measurements over your one hour shift.


Your contribution will reveal the distribution of heat across your region, helping your city to plan for the future and provide much needed relief.

About the Campaign

Extreme heat kills more Americans than any other weather event and has the greatest impact on our nation's most vulnerable communities. The City of Toledo has been selected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to participate in this year’s Urban Heat Mapping campaign.

As climate change worsens heat waves, this critical information will help bring local and equitable solutions for those facing the greatest threats. The NOAA and volunteer community scientists in Toledo will assist with collecting the data to evaluate the impact that heat has on our most vulnerable communities. The information will be used to develop strategies to provide equitable ways to deal with the heat both in the short-term and into the future and to those areas to build a Climate Ready Nation. The City of Toledo will be working in conjunction with other communities locally and nationwide on this initiative and will need the assistance of community members to make this campaign a success.