2023 Newsletter Takeovers


Matt Cherry

Council President Cherry talks Anthony Wayne Trail, Schneider Soccer Complex, and spotlights Fiber + Strand.

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Theresa Gadus

Council Member Gadus talks development in district 3, parks, blight removal, and spotlights Aviance Hill.

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Carrie Hartman

Councilwoman Hartman talks the Toledo Recovery Plan, living downtown, and spotlights Aya Khalil.

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John Hobbs III

Councilman Hobbs talks improving Toledo infrastructure, town hall meetings in district 1, and spotlights Janet Beams.

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Nick Komives

Council Member Komives talks protecting our water, access to healthy food, and spotlights Jack's Men's Wear.

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Cerssandra McPherson

Councilwoman McPherson talks Glass City JazzFest, Juneteenth, and spotlights Toledo's foreign exchange students.

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Sam Melden

Council Member Melden talks Vision Zero, the 1% for the environment fund, and spotlights Earnest Brew Works.

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Katie Moline

Councilwoman Moline talks protecting firefighters, transparency in local government, and spotlights Wendi Huntley.

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Theresa Morris

Councilwoman Morris talks tornado recovery, removing blight, and improving neighborhoods in District 6.

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George Sarantou

Councilman Sarantou talks fiscal responsibility, public safety, and spotlights Coney Island, a Toledo pillar for over 100 years.

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Tiffany Preston-Whitman

Councilwoman Whitman talks public service, dedication to the community, and spotlights Superior Made Spaces.

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Vanice Williams

Councilwoman Williams talks serving neighborhoods, supporting families, and spotlights the Frederick Douglass Community Association

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