Draft of the Forward Toledo Plan Released

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

The City of Toledo is announcing today the launch of the draft Forward Toledo comprehensive land use plan. This extensive framework is designed to guide the development and planning of Toledo for the next decade and beyond, reflecting our community's vision for the future of Toledo.

“Forward Toledo represents a collective vision of our community’s dreams and aspirations, outlining the path Toledo will follow to foster a dynamic, thriving, and sustainable city environment,” said Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. “This comprehensive land use plan articulates the needs of our community, emphasizing how we want to develop and grow as a city.”

The plan was created by the Toledo Lucas County Plan Commission, with extensive input from city administration, Toledo City Council, and various executive committees. Each committee focused on a specific theme within the plan, setting high-level goals and direction.

The development of Forward Toledo was heavily influenced by a 9-month public input process, which included 39 community events attended by 1,600 residents and resulted in over 3,000 survey responses. This input shaped the plan by prioritizing strategies around top resident feedback, including:

  1. Increase Connectivity and Walkability: Enhancing city-wide accessibility through better infrastructure.
  2. Housing Diversity and Affordability: Expanding housing options to meet diverse needs.
  3. Economic and Business Development: Supporting local businesses and economic revitalization.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Advancing green initiatives and sustainable practices.

"We set out to create a plan that would enhance Toledo for residents, businesses, and visitors,” said the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission Director, Tom Gibbons. “We have ended up with a thoughtful roadmap for promoting sustainable and inclusive growth for all Toledoans while preserving the city’s rich culture and history.”

Residents have 45 days to review the draft plan and provide comments. The full draft is accessible on the city’s website at toledo.oh.gov/forward.