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Forward Toledo is a comprehensive land-use plan that will guide planning in Toledo for the next 10-20 years. It is our community's collective statement on who we want to be and how we would like to grow as a city. Your participation is essential.

Themed Surveys

Have you completed the quick survey? Interested in providing more feedback? We have focused surveys for each theme in the Comprehensive Plan, take one or take them all!

ThemeTopics AddressedSurvey Link
BuildHousing, new development, building design and preservationBuild Survey
MoveRoadways, sidewalks, transit, logistics, and improving connectivityMove Survey
PlaceNeighborhoods, housing affordability, business creation and jobsPlace Survey
PlayParks, leisure, tourism, and childhood developmentPlay Survey
SustainWaterways, pollution reduction, healthy food, and green energySustain Survey

Future Land Use Map

Do you have ideas about how specific areas of the City could change? Check out the online map to provide input or comment on others' ideas. Map Your Ideas

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    You Have a Place in Toledo

    As we look forward, your input is crucial to defining the next two decades in Toledo – how to use or protect local resources, preserve historic buildings or areas, create a certain sense of place, foster community life, and protect the overall well-being of our residents.

    What's in the Plan?


    The Forward Toledo Plan is divided into 5 elements, Build, Place, Sustain, Play and Move. See details about each element in the adjacent boxes.

    Five Elements Overview


    Design, use, and access to a choice of affordable housing throughout the city.

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    Strategies for placemaking, expanding opportunity, and building inclusive neighborhoods.

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    Strategies for maintaining our natural environment, accessing healthy food, and promoting efficient energy.

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    Strategies to increase park access, support the arts, encourage tourism, and support childhood development.

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    Strategies on increasing connectivity, supporting public transit, and encouraging walkability.

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    Once-in-a-Generation Planning

    This is the third time that Toledo has considered the future it sees for the land within its borders. This plan identifies the priorities that influence and shape how land is used and developed (e.g. architecture, landscaping, parking).

    See the previous Land Use Plan

    Project Details


    Strategic Assessment

    A strategic document was prepared at the beginning of this process to help identify potential ideas and challenges. It came up with five major priorities and provided a number of helpful data points. Learn more about the document by clicking the link below.

    Forward Toledo Strategic Plan

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