How should we Build?

This theme focuses on the proposed goals and strategies for design, use, and access to affordable housing throughout the City.

These goals and strategies were identified by a group of local professionals as a starting point for a broader conversation with the public about how land is developed and used, but we need your input! Curious about who was on the committees? You can see the full list of names below.

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Goals to Improve Building in Toledo

Promote Housing Variety

Promote a diverse variety of well-designed housing to meet the residential needs of all Toledo residents.

Historical Impacts on Neighborhoods

Explore the impact of historical policies on neighborhoods in terms of land use, including redlining and cyclical disinvestment, and implement corrective policies.

Improve Decision Making

Promote efficient and effective land-use planning that is proactive instead of reactive.

Quality Design

Explore how design impacts neighborhood perception and analyze past and potential efforts to improve the design of sites in Toledo.

Create Unique Places

Review the importance of how well-designed spaces can impact or affect the people that live there (i.e., placemaking).

Building Preservation

Strengthen preservation strategies to maintain Toledo's existing housing stock and commercial buildings.

What People Are Saying About Build:

  • "I've been following the work of Kingston City Land Bank in Kingston, NY. Their mission is to restore derelict homes, preserve historic details when possible, and resell to a median-income family in their area. Toledo has beautiful historic homes that have fallen into disrepair in certain zip codes / neighborhoods but could be restored to be a safe, health home for a Toledo family." Emily M.
  • "Make sure that new housing developments are visitable [designed for all types of mobility including wheelchair]". Becky O.
  • "I definitely feel that design standards for new development should include a generous percentage of native plants and green infrastructure for a variety of reasons - pollution reduction and water quality, climate resilience, pollinator and wildlife habitat and human health and wellness. This also makes nature more accessible throughout the City and provides an important tool for education and childhood development. Win! Win! Win!" Marilyn D.
  • "If you intend on creating more multifamily housing, I would suggest starting in the 43607, 43614, 43615 and 43623 zip codes first, as they have the lowest zoning for multifamily structures currently." Athony B.
  • "Commercial centers should be well lit, safe, and appealing to perspective customers." Jess W.
  • "Vacant storefronts in residential neighborhoods can be reused for medical clinics, VA and social services access, small apartments for homeless vets." Lydia R.
  • "Offer the houses that need serious work to firs time home owners at a low cost. Allow them to live in a tiny home on the proprety while they renovate the main house that is an eyesore.Allow this for 2-5 years while the main house is rehabbed. Solves two problems for Toledo. I've been suggesting this for years." Cassie G.
  • "Stop knocking down homes! There aren't any fixer-uppers left for investors to rehab! People want homes not appartments." Mark C.
  • "Make [older vacant commercial buildings] into duplexes." Annette C.
  • "Auction/lottery to pre-qualified people with funds set aside to rehabe and occupy." Matthew B.
  • "Please come up with standards for vacant bulidings in the South End." Amy W.
  • "I'd like to see the property owners and people who paid for [older buildings] be able to renovate them in whatever way they see fit." Aaron Z.
  • "I would love to open a restaurant in [a vacant storefront], but renovation costs make it prohibitive." Ellie A.
  • "I'd like to see more windows that let natural light and invites me inside! I feel like a lot of places around here give off the sketch cinder block feels, as if I'm not supposed to go in unless I want trouble. More people would be inclined to hang out at the local bar/restaurant if it didn't look so univiting." Sean S.
  • "We need entry level, market rate housing that fits within existing neighborhoods, not more large apartment buildings." Sue T.
  • "Build townhomes in downtown Toledo like they used to be back in the old days before some got tore down in the 1980s .. like to see the historic homes on Summit street restored. I would also like to see a Greek or Lebanese market or restaurant because Vistula has a rich history of Greeks and Arabs." Radi C.
  • "Please be sure that you research the backgrounds of developers to help ensure that their proposed projects are high quality and sustainable." Fanny E.
  • "I really liked the #5 build unique spaces/buildings that can give people a feeling of community, identity. An analogy would be a person feels better about themselves when you are fresh and clean and wear your Sunday clothes. That’s what clean fresh spruced up houses can do for a person. I feel really glad that Toledo IS moving forward to improve the lives of all." Paul I.
  • "I would love to see an educational program developed in our TPS system where high school age young men and women are trained in carpentry, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters, landscapers, etc. to be utilized for rehabing old abandoned homes. Furthermore, they receive pay for their work and their supervision not only be monitored by teachers but officials from the various trades to ensure those successful and show a desire and good work ethic be hired upon graduation and earn a decent living/future." Tom R.
  • "I love the new archway to the Old South End! I have long thought we should have a decretive metal archway where the trail and I-75 enter Downtown Toledo. It should span the wide patch of road there, well before the traffic." Arthur J.