How should we encourage Play?

This theme focuses on the proposed goals and strategies to increase park access, promote the arts, encourage tourism, and support childhood development.

These goals and strategies were identified by a group of local professionals as a starting point for a broader conversation with the public about how land is developed and used, but we need your input! Curious about who was on the committees? You can see the full list of names below.

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Goals to Encourage Play

Park Access

Recognize the impacts that nature has on residents' quality of life.

Support Creative Economy

Explore how the Arts and the Creative Economy impact residents' quality of life, Toledo's marketability, and the local economy.

Promote Recreational Opportunities

Improve Toledo's recreational and cultural assets for all residents and visitors.

Highlight Regional Tourism

Showcase the tourism activity that already exists in the region, promote new attractions, and explore how land use policy can strengthen these assets.

Support Childhood Development

Improve recreation, quality educational, and cultural opportunities to positively affect childhood development

Encourage Social Opportunities

Improve parks and open space to create a sense of belonging and community.

What People Are Saying About Play:

  • "In my town growing up we had a teen canteen at our church after the athletic events at our school. Gave kids/teens a safe place to hang out and socialize." Connie D.
  • "I would love to see more handicapped accessible parks for children with various needs that are all inclusive." Shauna R.
  • "I'd love to see a park for RVs! I was thinking off the greenbelt for accessibility & close to downtown but I'm sure you know of somewhere better! it would generate revenue and socialize our city with the country? Most @NatlParkService places have 2 week limits." Shane K.
  • "Tear [abandoned commercial structures] down and build green space." Mikey J.
  • "[Give] teenage / young adults somethign to do that isn't school or work makes life fun here again. Locaol entertainment spots like barcades, bowling alleys, etc." Sean S.
  • "Youth centers that are FUN! Middle and HS aged kids are often forgotten about when planning community programming.!" Essie R.
  • "Bring back local programming in the neighborhood parks to encourage more kids to easily participate in activities." Henry P.
  • "There needs to be more opportunities for sports and events year round. What about an inflatable space similar to what was built in Rossford?" Rachel M.
  • "I am going to keep commenting that the city gets an outdoor free roller hockey rink. I know we had one at Joe E Brown park and the residents wanted basketball courts, but there is enough space in the city [for] a rink." Kaylene M.