How should we Move?

This theme focuses on the proposed goals and strategies for increasing connectivity, supporting public transit, and encouraging walkability.

These goals and strategies were identified by a group of local professionals as a starting point for a broader conversation with the public about how land is developed and used, but we need your input! Curious about who was on the committees? You can see the full list of names below.

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Goals to Improve Moving throughout Toledo

Increase Connectivity

Provide a diverse transportation network that better connects people throughout the community.

Support Public Transit

Promote public transit through policies that encourage more housing units along key transportation corridors.

Expand Right of Way Use

Understand how right-of-way design impacts travel choices and caters to all modes of transportation.

Logistics Hub

Highlight Toledo's historic success and ongoing potential as a freight and logistics hub due to its strategic location and workforce.

Walkable Neighborhoods

Encourage more goods and services within walking distance, promoting independence among residents and sustainable uses of land.

Accessibility Opportunities

Explore how development and public infrastructure (i.e., sidewalks) can contribute to a more inclusive community.

What People Are Saying About Move:

  • "To me, this is the key area to transform our city into a safer, healthier, more efficient, and more attractive place to live. In short, it all boils down to prioritizing people over cars. We have so much work to do to correct the car obsessed approach of the last 75 years, but this seems like an area where we can make simple and affordable changes quickly to start building momentum." Daniel W.
  • "I’d love to see it put into policy the designation of transit-ways as either a street or a road. This could have tremendous impacts on zoning and real-world usage. To put it simply, a street is where the destinations are, and a road is what you take to get to the street. Separating the two is key for walkable and beautiful infrastructure." Jakob G.
  • "Is anyone giving thought to lowering the magnitude of our subsidies of privately owned motor vehicles? For instance: why do we agree that the city owes free storage space for cars, when they're not being used, to everyone who owns one (or two, or three ...)? On-street parking is not free to the city. Most obviously, it removes a facility that could be used for travel. Only slightly less obviously, it takes money to maintain it. If we want Toledo to be less car-dominated, or even minimally walkable, I think it would be good to re-examine our orientation of making it as convenient as we possibly can to own and use motor vehicles." Howard A.
  • "I’ve lived in Toledo over 30 years. I can’t understand why a city this size doesn’t expand the airport. Aside from the convenience for people unable to drive to Detroit, it would generate income for Lucas County. Montrose, CO population is one tenth the size of Toledo, & their Airport is expanding to be bigger than Toledo’s. What are they doing that we are unable to?" Sue P.
  • "I will love to take the bus to and from work but unfortunately the bus does not have a route [at the] time I go to work and get off. I'm pretty sure other in the community feel the same way... Kids can not even ride the bus to schools no more because not any take there route like y'all should get it together. I feel y'all can do better." Shannon D.
  • "Make Miami and Front Streets corridor into a parkway with a bike trail that can pull traffic into East Toledo as a scenic route into the city
    with an attractive view of the river and downtown." Jesse M.
  • "Would love to see some sort of coffe shop/restaurant that we can walk to. We used to have one but it ended up closing." Sandy Z.
  • "My first suggestion would be to do anything that relieves traffic on Secor." Deborah R.
  • "Would love to see neighborhood grocery stores an dneighborhood restaurants that residents can walk to!" Karen A.
  • "[We want] bakery, meat markets, coffee shop places we can walk to." Deborah Z.
  • "Offer consistent seasonal water transportation options to/from cedar point, islands/put in bay, Detroit area(?) etc. Add/improve train service to/from Cleveland, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids/Lansing, Columbus etc.” T.K.