How should we make a better Place?

This theme focuses on the proposed goals and strategies for placemaking, expanding opportunity, and building inclusive neighborhoods.

These goals and strategies were identified by a group of local professionals as a starting point for a broader conversation with the public about how land is developed and used, but we need your input! Curious about who was on the committees? You can see the full list of names below.

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Goals to Make Toledo a Better Place

Attractive Place to Live

Promote local attractions and historic success to encourage population growth in the future.

Strengthen Neighborhoods

Strengthen the connection between residents and neighborhood businesses.

Addressing Housing Affordability

Encourage the development of housing at price points achievable for all residents.

Business Creation

Encourage the creation of new, neighborhood-scale businesses through economic development policies and how land is used.

Funding Big Ideas

Implement plan ideas through funding mechanisms and strategies that other communities used along with important projects the City could pursue.

Expand Areas for Manufacturing

Highlight Toledo's strategic position for industrial uses and explore creative options to offer more industrial space for development.

Opportunity Access

Promote policies that encourage jobs, job placement, and workforce opportunities within the community.

Inclusive Communities

Explore how land use can ensure high quality of life for all residents, with an emphasis on underrepresented populations (e.g., people with disabilities, seniors, homeless, minorities).

What People Are Saying About Place:

  • "Less paying people's rents and more support to existing home owners on fixed incomes, who are the backbone of neighborhoods. Your rehab programs are aimed at people who have let their houses fall into disrepair and not to those who are trying to keep them out of disrepair. Example, I can only get help with a new roof if I've let my roof deteriorate to the point of unlivability. Not enough funds or programs that do minor repairs etc." Samantha H.
  • "Policy changes should prioritize creating attractive, high-density areas. I propose eliminating zoning restrictions such as RS, RD, and RM (low-density housing such as single family or duplex specific) zoning, which hinder the development of walkable neighborhoods, and instead promoting mixed-use areas through CN and CM (mixed use that allows mutli-family housing) zoning." Jakob G.
  • "Affordability and updated housing is an important part of moving Toledo forward. Making connections to our waterways for people. Developing sustainable infrastructure that is connected to greenways." Patekka B.
  • "Great to advertise parks in the areas as inexpensive places for exercise, fun time with children, and meeting others. Maybe some community events at the parks... Adequate lighting in all areas downtown to promote safety. More people might be in town after dark, attend events, and shop.... Might attract more people to downtown area." Connie D.
  • "The City of Toledo needs better Internet connection speed minimums. Either incentivize businesses to provide better or require them to do so. Currently one of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) claims many areas have access to gigabit internet speeds and many of us do not. I am looking at moving to one of the suburbs for this very reason. If the City of Toledo really wants to reflect the changing values, demographic shifts and wants to be a city of choice to attract and retain citizens, then a more connected digital infrastructure is a must." Anthony B.
  • "I think it is time to redevelop Com-Tech (Scott Park) campus to a gated neighborhood that can be focused on ranch style villas and single family homes. Make it gated similar to Washington Village. Keep the soft ball & recreation area. The old Nathan Hale elementary (Upton & Central) could use some ranch style homes." Deon D.
  • "I like the branding idea of emphasizing the water access in Toledo. I also would like to see Toledo branded as an Arts Community. We have a world class museum, an incredibly vibrant Arts Commission, and TSA is nationally recognized, and UT has an amazing facility in the Gehry building." Penny T.
  • "Glad to see some focus on [vacant storefronts]. It's a great untapped resource in our communities. Neighborhood restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, an dart spaces come to mind." Jeff B.
  • "I would like to see music venues, studios (poetry, dance, art, music), tech spaces, community centers, affordable office spaces for start ups and local business owners, small grocery stores, and healthy eatery options." Abby S.
  • "Treat rental property like commercial property for anyone that owns more than three houses because then they are operating a business in a residential neighborhood and should be inspected regularly and have permits." Donald D.
  • "[I would like to see] salvage grocery stroes, co-op markets, local coffee shops, and local book stores." Danielle D.
  • "Make vacant commercial buildings into homes." Linda Z.
  • "Buildings are vacant because small businesses can't afford the outrageous rent prices a lof these places want. Time to step away from big box and go back to local. I would love to see the city of Toledo offer affordable commercial spaces for small businesses." Amanda B.
  • "Stop the renting of houses in neighborhoods that bring our property values down." Rebecca F.
  • "In a world where technology is becoming a greater driver of employment and investment Toledo should plant the seeds for establishing an Institute of Technology of Ohio as was done to create the Medical College of OH." Jesse M.
  • "Toledo is [like] a good desert, especially as you get further in - more accessibility for not only cheaper food, but better quality." Evan L.
  • "If [vacant storefronts] can be turned into affordable housing, then that. Outside of that, I would like to see more support for the already established small businesses in my neighborhood (Five Points / Library Village)." Jacques B.
  • "Let's make the missing middle legal in all of our neighborhoods." David M.
  • "We've got a strong food truck culture. Making it easier for them to make the transition into a hard location would be wonderful." Sean S.
  • "The city of Toledo needs to desperately restore the beautiful old buildings both on Starr and Main on the Eastside and the main drag of Lagrange st. In Polish (One) Village. Including the Ohio Theatre." Steve J.
  • "Improved waterfront access in the Old South End would not only benefit residents, but local businesses as well if things like a canoe / kayak stop or bikeway was included along Lotus Street." Sue T.
  • "[For old store fronts] I believe if the location is right and the building can be saved that this could help revitalized Toledo. This is so true for the west side where there could be shops filled with local art, boutiques and eateries. It would bring more people to the city." Maria K.
  • "Toledo should do more to capitalize on our industrial base with emerging technology trends such as semi-conductors, nano-technology, or genetics." Michael B.
  • "We need to see more local businesses in downtown especially woman owned." Rachel M.