Need help paying past due water bills?

Toledo DPU works with PromisePay to provide a one-stop shop for all assistance programs. Create an account on the online portal to see if you qualify for discounts on future water bills, the new debt forgiveness program, interest-free payment plans, or one-time grants and credits.

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Pay Past Due Water Bills

If you're behind on water bills, we want to help you get caught up. Here are some opportunities to get help paying off your balance.

Pathway Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) – is a federally funded program designed to help income-eligible Lucas County residents with their drinking water and wastewater bills. The program ends September 30, 2022. Eligible customers must:

  • live inside Lucas County
  • meet the federal income guidelines
  • have been disconnected (or have a disconnection notice)
  • both homeowners and renters are eligible for assistance
  • stay current on all charges while enrolled in the program

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Bill Pay Assistance (on hold)

This program provides customers with a grant of up to $250 to help pay past due balances. To qualify, the account holder must:

  • meet the federal income guidelines
  • live in a single family residence
  • be a City of Toledo customer
  • not have received the grant in the last two years
  • have an account in past due/disconnected status
  • make required payment to account

Installment Payment Plan

This program is available to anyone with a past due balance. Customers may sign up for the installment payment plan up to two times per year. To enroll, please contact customer service.

Lower Your Monthly Bill

Paperless Billing

Sign up for paperless billing to receive $1 off your monthly bill!

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Senior Discount

The senior water discount program is available to primary, single-family, and owner-occupied residences of Toledo. Homeowners must be 65 or older, or totally and permanently disabled.

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Low-Income Senior Discount

The low-income senior discount program is an additional 15% off the water volume portion of your bill. It is available to recipients who meet the eligibility criteria for the senior discount program, as well as income requirements.

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